Best Ways To Smoke Weed

Best Way To Smoke Weed Fl

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Best Ways To Smoke Weed: The idea of smoking marijuana has completely transformed as the marijuana industry grows. The range of methods for consuming cannabis has grown, from as far back as the 20th century, to include a larger number of different techniques and specializations related to smoking.

Whether it’s done using a joint, a gravity bong, or some other device, it’s ultimately up to the consumer to determine the right way to smoke cannabis.

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Best Ways To Smoke Weed

Cannabis’ general versatility comes down to personal preferences for smoking weed. According to the method of consumption as well as overall form, weed gives a lot of flexibility to the smoker.

Is it important to be discrete? Is vaping or smoking healthier? Is ease of use important? Often, these questions will result in the best smoking experience for the user.

It doesn’t matter which way you do it — there is no single “best” way to smoke marijuana. Rather, the decision is completely individual, based on the interests and needs of each individual. Smoking is usually influenced by general preferences, level of experience, and goals.

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Best Ways To Smoke Weed


High tolerance can be maintained while smoking the least because of the one-hitter user. Surprisingly, one-hitters can last over a year compared to a dab rig, which is only around $9. If you are a cannabis user, learn how to reduce your tolerance.

As if that’s not enough!

The amount you would save by purchasing an ounce of marijuana instead of one hit would be $350, something you could then use to buy an entire one-hitter worth of marijuana, which you could reduce for days or weeks. That is efficiently smoking your weed.

Tolerance control is all about the efficient smoking of marijuana. To learn not to start smoking more than you have to, quitting smoking can lower your tolerance, save you money, and preserve your stash. A one-hit-wonder pipe is the best because of that.

Using a rig to smoke waxy concentrates will quickly destroy your tolerance, and you will be forced to consume more and spend more.


Cannabis is burned, and the smoke is trapped in glass pipes. Smokers can inhale for small to medium hits with loaded small bowls and a lighter.  They have an extremely simple but popular design.

While glass one-hitter pipes usually offer slightly bigger bowls than basic glass pipes, enabling several puffs and conceivably more powerful highs, one-hitters almost always have larger bowls than that.

That’s something important…

For first-time cannabis smokers, the best approach may be handheld glass pipes as they are easy to access, simple to use, and straightforward in design.



While battery-operated vape pens typically have pumps or cylinders warmed to produce vapor, they can also be heated via external elements.

A button must be pressed to activate a vape pen, and once activated, the pen’s lithium-ion battery will be used to heat the coil, which then vaporizes the liquid. This form of concentrated cannabis oil yields a high-potency result.

Vapor pens will be appreciated for those who seek a powerful, discreet smoking device with little or no odor.


Joints are like cigarettes made with ground marijuana flowers mixed with cannabis. Joints are typically no more than a gram and are easy to carry because they are rolled into a joint and ready to smoke.

Smoking causes joints to become less discrete. Although joints are similar to blunts, their size makes them less accessible. But, regardless of the method, the result is the same.

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People often choose joints as a means of smoking cannabis because they are simple. One of the great advantages is that they only contain cannabis and leave out tobacco when it comes to joints. Cocaine and paper are the only things found in joints.


Cigars filled with marijuana rather than tobacco are considered blunts. Blunts achieve a more fierce, longer-lasting high as a heavier smoking method than in joints.

Blunts are sometimes thought of as being used in a celebratory way as well, and their physical size (and appearance, which is nearly identical to a cigar) contributes to this notion. Conversely, because of this, blunt wraps tend to be enjoyed socially, and people will generally report moderate highs.


Blunts, as compared to joints, provide lesser burn than joint but contain more pot than a joint as more weed flowers can be packed into the wrapper.

Inhalation Toxicology researchers discovered that tobacco raises the THC vaporization efficiency by 45% as much as it does with any other vaporization process. Blunts can significantly reduce the time it takes to get high.


Water filtration creates a smoother hit in bongs that are normally slightly bigger than hand-held bubblers. Additionally, many bongs have removable bowls that can be lit and inhaled based on the user’s preference.

People who have just started smoking may want to work up to using a bong. It takes some finesse to take a hit of the right size. Everyone understands, the larger the hit, the more intense the high will be, while the smaller ones will result in lesser highs.


Bongs are only good if they are made of glass or stainless steel. Avoid plastic bottles, rubber hoses, or aluminum components when smoking from bongs.

Plastic, in particular, poses serious health risks due to the presence of phthalates and BPA. When heated, plastic releases even more toxins that you don’t want to inhale when you smoke marijuana.


The bubblers resemble a water bong but function as a pipe. A design feature uses water but is smaller and has a built-in bowl instead of a removable one.

Hand-pipes tend to be harsher on the throat, while the filter in a stand-pipe produces a smoother hit. This may stimulate more hits and, if so, a more significant high. People who prefer small parts may prefer bubblers because of their elevated design and portability.



To use a blend of air pressure and water to produce contained hits, these bongs are commonly known as a waterfall or bucket bongs.

The difference between traditional bongs and gravity bongs is that gravity bongs have the added feature of collecting fumes until the consumer is ready to take a large hit. At this point, they can either move it along to others or use it themselves.

Yes, you heard that right!

According to this example, concentrated smoke is created through gravity bongs, resulting in extremely intense highs. Because it’s possible to overwhelm a new cannabis user, it’s not recommended for beginners either


A dab rig is a pipe made specifically for vaporizing cannabis extracts, such as wax, oil, or concentrate, as well as filtering it using water. In the same way as bongs, dab rigs have a small attachment, called a nail.

Concentrates, however, are contained in a glass or metal nail known as a dab rig, where the vapor is stored. It may be good for the novice smoker to get used to other aspects of smoking first. The more experienced smokers believe dab rigs provide fast onset of intense effects.

Best Way to Smoke Marijuana for a Beginner

Best Way to Smoke Marijuana for a Beginner

There are a few basic smoking techniques to bear in mind to optimize the experience as a beginner. New users should pay close attention to their resistance and avoid overdosing on cannabis.

Newbies to smoking cannabis will often use a simple glass or ceramic pipe to inhale the drug.

Hand pipes are as easy to get to use as they are to get.

It is just as simple for users to simply hand-pick their flower and pack it into the pipe’s bowl before lighting, inhaling, and then having a pleasant experience.

Hand pipes are also typically designed to prohibit users from taking too large of a hit, which contributes to the pipes’ smaller bowl size.

However, with that being said, this may be more abrasive on the throat than other methods of consumption. We don’t see this as a problem, though. If you’d like, bubble and vape pens will give you a softer, cooler hit, and they’re just a bit more complicated to use.

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Best Way to Smoke Cannabis on Budget

The quality of the smoking experience is not sacrificed on a budget, as there are many options to smoke on a budget. On this front, small hand pipes and one-hitters may become popular because keeping one’s tolerance low is of utmost importance.

If one were to cut down on how much they smoke or to smoke it in smaller amounts, this helps to conserve their stash and prevent them from smoking too much cannabis in one sitting.

Using slim vape pens instead of larger dab rigs also holds. Newly available vape pens are very efficient at preserving the potency of cannabis for a greater length of time.

However, as is generally the case, vaping concentrates/oils/waxes will deliver a stronger and more potent hit and may result in only a couple of puffs for many customers.

Conclusion: Best Ways To Smoke Weed

Best Way To Smoke Weed

While the fact that the society of marijuana provides too many important options suggests that there is no single, ultimate best route to smoke marijuana, that is not necessarily the case.

Beginning as a newbie or learned smoker, attempting diverse situations to smoke is insightful and educational.

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